Kadalivan or kardaliwan is another kshetra of Sri Datta Guru. This place is located in the interior of dense forestcalled Nallamala at the foot of Srisaila hill on the bank of Pathala Ganga. Kadali Vanam is a great Tapo sthanam in Srisaila kshetram. Its importance was described in Skhanda Puranam, Shiva Bhakta vijayam and many more Shaiva texts. Sree Nrisimha saraswati Swamy, the second incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swamy, ends his avatara here by disappearing.

Story of Kadalivan and its importance

It was Bahudhayana year, Uttarayana, Bahula Padyani, Friday. The Nakshatra was Pushyami and was especially an auspicious time, Brihaspati entering the Kanya Rasi. Such was the time of the Mahaprasthana of Guru Nath. Krishna Pratipada Shake 1378, as per Hindu calendar and year 1456, Jan or Feb as per English calendar.

Journey to Kadalivanam

The place is nearer to Srisailam which is in Kurnool District of Andhrapradesh. One have to reach Srisailam one day in advance to the trip of Kadalivan. Srisailam is a one of the famous Dwadasha Jyothrilnga Kshetra and One of the Ashtadasha Shakti peetha. It is also one of the powerful Datta kshetra. Dattaguru performed the penance in Srisailam. The second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, shree Guru Nrusimha saraswathy swamy Maharaj showed his Roopa in the place of SHivalinga to his disciple TANTHUKA. Thanthuka then prayed SHreeguru and said that, there is no difference to Shiva and Shreeguru. He is one and the same. One have to reach Paathalaganga in the morning by 6.00 a.m. Now the AP TOURISM Department arranged the ROPEWAY to the place of the ships/boats and they are presently charging minimum fare to reach the place of boats.

Before reaching Kadalivanam SRI GURU'S CAVE one has to cross AKKA MAHADEVI'S CAVES. Akka mahadevi had been the much known philosopher, ascetic and lyricist, who hailed from Karnataka somewhere in the 12th century. These caves are about 16 kms away from Srisailam . ON THE OPPOSITE RIVER BANK OF Akka Maha Devi Caves six hills are to be crossed and then a plain area covered by grass of nearly 7 kms into the deep forest leads to KADALIVANAM. It is a narrow , rocky , path from Akka Mahadevi Caves. It is present in the opposite bank of Akkamahadevi caves. After crossing the plain area we will reach Kadali Vanam from there we have to climb down about 30 steps to see Kadali Vanam cave. The AP TOURISM boats are running upto AKKAMAHADEVI caves only. So, we have to engage private boats to and fro to Kadalivan. It is advised to visit this place with a batch of minimum 10 to 20 people. As there is a problem of NAXALITES, the private boats are only running on special request only. They are charging the minimum fare of Rs.4000/- to Rs.5000/- (with one Guide) to move to the other bank of Patalaganga and return in the evening.

Journey Details

One have to travel in the Krishna river in the boat for a minimum of One hour to reach other bank. From there one have to climb the 3 to 4 hills of 7 kms. There is no proper route/road to reach the ANthardhan place.

Most of the route is covered with round shaped rocks and trees. While walking in the path, the rocks under the legs will give troubles and sometimes they will give a moment of slipping obstructions to our walk. It may take nearly 3 to 4 hours to reach the place of ANthardhan depending on the speed of walk.

During the journey of this 3 hours journey, u can't find atleast a waterdrop. After reaching the ANthardhan plance, there we can find a small lake of water, and the water of lake is chilled and sweety taste and can experience the feelings like "MAY BE AMRUTHA". The ANthardhan place is like a CAVE of one rock roof of 70 to 100 ft width and 8 ft height. In that cave, we can find one idol of Shreeguru Nrusimha saraswathy swamy, one Shivalinga and Akkamahadevi idols. . Wild animals come out quite often to enjoy a drink of water from the tank outside the cave.

The cave can accommodate nearly 500 persons comfortably at a time. Near the rock shelter flows a perennial stream close to which evidences of prehistoric man in the form of stone tools were discovered. Some devotees are residing in the nights to get real dreams and Pratyaksha Darshan of Shreeguru. Many devotees from Karnataka and ANdhra are visiting this place to get the blessings of Shreeguru. The place is full calm and very suitable for penance. It can be experience that, some divine vibrations are moving around in that place.

  • Do not wear bright coloured dress lik Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow etc. As the journey is through the forest it is advised to wear olive Green , Brown coloured dress materials.
  • Motor boats are available upto a certain point and from there one has to walk. So plan properly with a comfortable foot wear and carry First AID kit.
  • Please maintain as much silence as possible as the forest is inhabited by all types of wild animals especially Tigers.
  • Do not disturb the serenity of the place by writing names on the trees harming smaller animals in the forest.
  • Never travel singly. Go in groups of atleast 8-10 numbers.
  • A group consisting of females even though it is bin in number in not advised to go.
  • Older people, too young kids should not be allowed in the group.
  • Big sound systems and drums are not to be played in the caves while doing bhajans.
  • If possible take a localite with you as a tour guide.
  • The best time to visit is between NOVEMBER and MARCH months.
  • Carry Torch Light, CANDLE/MATCH BOX, Recgargeable light as the caves are dark inside and Mosquito repellent creams.