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With the divine blessings and the guidance of Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarawasthi Swamy, and his successor seer Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamy, and his successor Sri Sri Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamy, Sri Mahavidyapeetham, a Dhramic organization, was established in the Telugu month of Vaishaakham (May) in 1991.

The noble deeds to be performed by this organization were mentored by the seers. Vedic culture which is the fundamental base not only for the entire world but also for India especially, Dhramic rituals, taking care of cows which are the embodiment of all gods, preserving and nurturing Sanatana Dharma, protecting and nurturing the lineage of age old temples, preserving the culture and tradition that is required for the well-being and progression of the mankind, propagating the philosophy of Advaita, preached by Sri Adi Shankara are some of the tasks redirected to us by their holiness. Under their able guidance, mentorship, with their blessings and unflagging devotion on their holiness, we have conducted number of Veda Sabhas, Musical and Literature concerts, rituals such as Dasamahayvidya Yagas and Yagnas, printed and distributed the books that are of Philosophical and Vedic importance, established Gau-Shalas in both the Telugu speaking states.

The head office of Maha vidya peetham is located in Dindugal, Hyderabad. This premises have the temples of Shakti Panchayatana, Sri Sarabhasaluswamy, and Sri Vidya Rama Swamy.

The above temples were blessed with the divine presence of Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswati, Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda Swamy and Sri Dutta Vijayananda Teertha Swamy of Sri Avadhoota Dutta Peetham of Mysore.

All the rituals are being performed as per the tradition under the able guidance of Saanga Swaadhyaaya Bhasarakulu, Rasthrapati Awardee, Mahamahopaadhyaaya Dr. Vishnubhatla Subrahmanya Salakshana Ghanapati garu. We received appreciation from Pravachana Chakravarthi Sri Changanti Koteswararao garu as well.

In this peetham, under the able guidance and mentorship of my revered guru Brahmasri K. Ramanadha Sarma garu, and in the divine presence of worshiping deity Sri Vidya Parameswari Devi, we are performing Chandi homas on every auspicious occasion.

We are blessed to have Sri Gopala Krishna guruvu garu who was involved in temple construction as per Agama Shastra principles. We are elated to say that we always have the support of many elite devotees for this noble cause.

Mahavidya peetham hopes that the divine blessings of Sri Paramacharya be always with us in performing more rituals and we pray the almighty and the Seers to bless all our esteemed devotees and donors with abundant health, wealth and success.

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