India, "The land of temples" has its own unique legend telling a fascinating story about its existence. Each legend is powerful enough to revive faith even in a non-believer. Amongst such numerous legendary temples in India, the temple of Gnana Saraswati at Basar, Telangana holds a prominent place.

Basar is a village with wonderful gardens surrounded by the temple premises amidst the dry and barren patches of the north Telangana region, 30-km from Nizamabad. Basar is situated on the banks of River Godavari. It is located at a distance of about 220-km by road and 190-km by rail from Hyderabad.

This is an ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. The temple at Basar is also the abode of Goddess Lakshmi and Kali...

Basara Temple is situated 200 Kms from Hyderabad, AP. Sri Gnana Saraswathi temple at Basara on the banks of river Godavari is the only temple in South India dedicated to the Goddess of learning. The legend has it that after the Mahabharata war, sage Veda Vyasa embarked on a pilgrimage in search of peace. He reached the serene Kumaranchala hills on the banks of river Godavari and meditated and propitiated the Goddess who eventually appeared before him and granted her presence in the form of the divine trinity.

The Goddess ordered the sage to place three handful of sand at three places everyday. Miraculously these sand dunes transformed into the idols of the divine trinity i.e., Saraswathi, Lakshmi, & Kali. These are the presiding deities of Basar today. Despite the presence of the trinity,the temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi.

Children are brought here for the ceremony of Akshara puja to start their education with the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge.The Vedavathi Sila, the Ashtateertha are other places of interest around Basar. Thousands of devotees bath in the river Godavari & seek the blessings of the Goddess during the Mahashivarathri, Dassera navratris and Vasantha panchami.

Places to visit near Basar

Kuntala Water Falls

Kuntala Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh and is beautiful place to visit. These waterfalls, set amidst the Sahayadri mountain range in Andhra Pradesh, presents a wonderful vista with its gushing waters. Identified as the highest waterfalls of the state, the cascade attracts visitors from far and wide. At a distance of about 40 kms from Adilabad city, the fall is to be found near Neredikonda Village in Adilabad district. Kuntala Waterfalls appear as a pleasant surprise, accessible through the twirling roads passing from dense forests.

As per the legends, Kuntala Waterfalls were named after the mythological figure Shakuntala, who was the beloved of King Dushyanta. It is said that both of them fell in love with each other amidst the spectacular beauty of the region. Perhaps Shakuntala used to bathe in the waters of the cascade. Through the dense forests, River Kadam flows and tumbles gushing at Kuntala from the height of 45 meters, creating the astounding waterfall. One must experience the spectacle of water splashing down and turning into whirls. Owing to this powerful surge, you can feel the air in the region crammed with mist of the darting waters. The cool breeze, with the whiff of flora around, makes the whole atmosphere simply wonderful. In the monsoons, the splendor of the cascade becomes all the more beguiling, since the river comes down with heavy waters.

It appears as if God himself likes this place as much as people do. A temple dedicated to Someshwara Swami is located in the vicinity, where people come to pay their homage to the Lord. You can reach this temple by going through a passage made by a slit in the hill. Festival of 'Maha Shivratri' attracts plenty of devotees to this temple. To put succinctly, Kuntala Waterfalls definitely deserves a visit on your trip to Adilabad.

Pochara Water Falls

Pochera Waterfalls are located at a distance of 48 kms from Adilabad Pochera waterfall was discovered lately. The district of Adilabad is well known as The District of Forests. The splendid Sahayadri Mountain range standing gigantic attract the monsoon clouds creating vulnerable climate throughout and nurtures the wide and variant flora of the forests.Sizzling winds, hillocks covered with dense and variant canopy welcome you throughout the district of Adilabad .The Sahayadri Mountain range houses many waterfalls that are mostly monsoon fed and flow from this mountain range towards the plains. But some rivers running through these forests at some places transform themselves into waterfalls falling from a height.

The Pochera waterfall was discovered lately. Pochera waterfall is unique and is varied from other waterfalls. Situated interiorly amidst dense forests this waterfall offers an exhilarated experience to the visitor. Only one of its kinds in Andhra Pradesh and rarely found in India, Pochera Waterfall is a treat to enchant. River Godavari flowing from the neighbouring state flows down the Sahayadri Mountain range .The River that runs in many narrow streams, at this point mingle together and falls from a height of 20mts the sound of the splashing waters against rocks echoes the surroundings. The water that flows in separate and narrow streams unite and with gushing speed fall from a height of 20mts. The water thus collects on a platform of hill resembling a small lake. The water then slides down.

Gudem Temple

Gudem gutta is one of the temple of adilabad Tourism gudem gutta famous Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple . Most of people visit this place during Karthika masam to have a holy dip in Godavari river and perform satyana.

Nagoba(Keslapur Temple)

Keslapur village about 32kms from district centre of Adilabad and 25kms from Uttnoor Taluk is the famous temple of NAGOBA, the Serpent God popularly known as "Shesha Nag" the divine serpent of Lord Shiva.This deity is offered pujas throughout the year with much reverence and devotion not only from the devotees within the state but also from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra.During the months of December and January (The month of Pushyam or PushyaMasam according to the telugu calendar), this deity is offered several offerings and rendered special pujas. The entire month is termed auspicious and celebrated throughout. The Gondu tribes of adjacent Maharashtra are regular visitors of this deity in this part of the year and visit the temple to surrender their offerings. The devotees' comeback to get the blessings of this deity at Keshlapur, the abode of the serpent God Nagoba year after year.

Jainath Temple

Jainath temple is situated in Jainath, a small village 21 Kms from AdiIad bad. A prakrit. stone inscription with 20 slokas in the temple mentions that it was built by the Pallava chief. The temple has all the features of Jain style of temple architecture.Therefore, the village obtained the name Jainath. The Laxmi Narayana Swami Bhra motsava m celebrated from Karthika Sudda Astami to Bahula Saptami (October-November) attracts a large number of devotees. Several historic monuments have been built by different dynasties during their regime. One such place of historicalimportance is the temple of Lord LakshmiNarayana Swami, which is situated in the village of Jainath.This temple, was constructed by the Rajas of the Pallava Dynasty. Henceforth the entire village enjoyed the royal patronage. Testimonials scripted in rocks are found here wherein the importance of the temple are highlighted in the form of verses.One can find glimpses of the influence in the construction and the architecture of the country.

Sadalpur Temple

Salalpur historical pilgrimage in Adilabad is sadalpur . An ancient Temples of Lord Bhirava and Mahadeva is Located here the temple is just 1 kms away from sadalpur village whre as Sadalpur village just 37 kms away from adilabad the surroundings of temple is located with beautiful forest and hills hence this view looks very beautiful As per History of These Temple is it was the time of kakatiya queen the great Rudramadevi . she is great priest of lord Mahadeva and she want here for every mahashivarathri is celebrating with lot of devotees across the district very gandly.